Mini Mints and Fruit Drops

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Product Name

Mini Mints and Fruit Drops

Min Order 5kg bag (approx 2000 sweets)

Prices are stated per bag

Product Description:

One of the fastest turnaround products available. These individually wrapped, unpersonalised mini fruit drops (2.5g) are bursting with natural fruit flavours and can usually be dispatched within 24 hours.

· Lemon (yellow wrapper)

· Strawberry (pink wrapper)

· Orange (orange wrapper)

· Raspberry (red wrapper)

· Bilberry (blue wrapper)

· Blackcurrant (purple wrapper)

· Pineapple (silver wrapper)

· Apple (green)

Minimum Order : 1 x 5kg bag (approx 2000 sweets), prices are quoted per bag. Excludes delivery

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Lead Time : 1 day

Prices excluding delivery and VAT.

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