Tyvek Paper and Woven WristbandsTyvek Paper and Woven Wristbands

Paper Tyvek Wristbands are an inexpensive solution for events, festivals and functions to help reduce entrance losses and create a highly visible monitoring of groups.

Paper Tyvek Wristbands are made from a synthetic paper which will not tear and it is therefore very strong. The material is also lightweight, durable and waterproof making it an excellent short term solution as each band is fastened with a security closure which must be broken when the wristband is removed.

Our Unbranded Paper Tyvek Wristbands can be delivered next day, with 15 colours to choose from.

For Printed Paper Tyvek Wristbands, any choice of colour can be requested, including silver or gold, and can be sequentially number if required, with delivery in just 5 days. We can also offer a budget range of Paper Tyvek Wristbands.

Our Fabric Wristbands range can be either printed or woven, and as they are more durable than Paper Tyvek Wristbands they can create an after message of ‘I was there’, ideal for concerts, festivals or events where re-entry is required.

On our Fabric Wristbands, we offer our Express Printed Wristbands service, where delivery can be either 3 or days with a minimum quantity of just 50.

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