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Welcome to Promotions Only Group

Why Promotional Gifts?

It is hard to imagine that promotional gifts can make such a positive impact on your marketing strategy. The reality is that promotional products containing your logo, messages and company details have more power than you may think. Nearly 90% of people who receive promotional gifts recall the advertiser with 85% likely to do business.

Increase sales & brand recognition

Increase sales, over 80% of people do business with companies who give free gifts, over 50% will keep the product for between 1 and 4 years, creating lasting impressions for advertisers and increasing brand awareness.

Most people will have received some sort of promotional gifts, however the effective items will be remembered most and are likely to create multiple opportunities for your brand to be viewed by other people. It is therefore essential to consider:

  • Is it useful?
  • Can it be used regularly?
  • Can it create a high number of impressions?

Promotional gifts work, with over 500% more referrals made with customers who are satisfied with their giveaways you can increase loyalty and brand recognition.

Freebies not discounts

People like receiving free gifts so consider offering giveaways rather than discounts. As powerful marketing tools, they are low cost and allow your customers to connect and engage on a physical level and have proven to be the most effective means of advertising.

Quality and innovation

High quality and innovative products keep customers engaged for longer and have a greater impact. Promotions Only Group Ltd has built its reputation supplying only the highest quality products with superior service. Many of our products are available within 2 weeks, however we believe that quality and service should not come at a higher price and offer competitive prices, giving you exceptional value for money.

Doing your homework is essential, it is worth spending a bit extra to align your product with the quality your brand stands for. If, for example, your market is executives or office environments then items such as pens, mugs, water bottles and phone accessories are a good place to start. For production staff, clothing, caps and beanies may be effective. For your own staff who visit other people or maybe a new employee kit, create a corporate identity with laptop bags, clothing and flasks.

Eco-friendly products

We have an extensive range of eco-friendly products that are made from recycled materials, can be re-used or are sustainable and you may wish to consider these products as an input for your brand awareness. Due to our personal commitment to the environment, we are constantly expanding our eco-friendly range. We are working together with our suppliers to ensure that we provide our customers with environmental options for their requirements.

Promotional Gifts to suit any budget

We have budget, mid-range and popular products collections to start ideas for your next marketing campaign. We are available to help you decide so please contact us to discuss your projects. If you have a different idea then let us know and we will try to source it, there are new products always coming to the market, innovative and quality products will create interest and impressions.

Need Promotional Products quickly?

We also offer an express production service on many of our promotional gifts. Items are available for delivery from 24 hours to 5 days and with minimum quantities of just 50.

Choose Promotions Only Group

We have collections containing 1000’s of products, all of which can be customised with your logo, details and message including:

Choose Promotions Only Group for quality promotional gifts & products and start raising your brand awareness.