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Get noticed with the latest promotional items from a trusted UK supplier

We have 1000's of Business Gifts that can be custom branded to suit any campaign or promotion

Research shows that Promotional Gifts return a higher or equal return of investment than most other forms of advertising, with over half of people stating that they were more likely to remember the organisation supplying Corporate Gifts. Over three quarters said that they were likely to do business with the organisation in the future and was viewed more favorably as a result of receiving Promotional Gifts

With Business Gifts kept for an average of 7 months, your message will enhance your brand awareness, last longer and help create customer loyalty

Be sure to check out our Hot for 2018 range as it contains all out new products that are available and is an innovative way to promote your message.

Promotions Only Group Ltd has built its reputation supplying only the highest quality Eco Friendly products with a superior service. Many of our products are available within 2 weeks, however we believe that quality and service should not come at a higher price and offer only the most competitive prices giving you exceptional value for money.

Due to our personal commitment to the environment we are constantly expanding our Eco Friendly Range. We are working together with our suppliers to ensure that we provide our customers with environmental options for their requirements.

We also offer an Express Delivery service on many of our Promotional Gifts. Items are available for delivery from 24 hours to 5 days and with minimum quantities of just 50

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What are the benefits of using custom lanyards for promoting my organisation?

What simple and inexpensive way to promote yourself than having people walk around exhibitions or events wearing your custom promotional lanyards.

They are a cheap solution to getting your identity noticed.

If you need to organise groups of people what better way than to use personalised lanyards.

Instantly recognise staff or visitors helping boost security while at the same time improving your corporate image.

Why choose Promotions Only Lanyards?

We specialise in providing only the highest quality, durable lanyards and accessories at the most competitive prices offering exceptional value for money.

Unfortunately not all lanyards are the same but you can be assured that our product is up there with the best.

Add to this fast turnaround timings combined with our extensive knowledge and you have a trusted partner to leave in charge of your project

What lanyards can I choose from?

  • Plain lanyards - UK stock coloured ribbons or create your own custom coloured ribbons
  • Eco Friendly lanyards - bamboo or PET recycled
  • Printed lanyards - create your own design
  • Woven lanyards - embroidered design onto the ribbon
  • Retractable lanyards - lanyards and badge reels in one
  • Pre-printed lanyards - NHS, visitors, staff, contractor, governor, student, parent, temporary, volunteer
  • ID and badge holders
  • Accessories - clips, connectors, hooks, mobile phone hooks, safety breakaways

What about next day delivery?

We hold stock of our plain lanyards and ID badge holders which are available in many colours. Place the order before 3.00pm and we will send your order overnight for next day delivery.

Can I also get printed lanyards quickly?

We can supply printed lanyards in 3 or 5 days, see our express category, standard delivery is 7 to 10 days for custom printed lanyards

Do you have any environmental options?

We offer bamboo or PET recycled custom printed lanyards. We also pride ourselves on using only environmentally friendly inks in the manufacture of our products

Are there any other promotional gifts besides lanyards that I can order from you?

Promotions Only Lanyards is part of Promotions Only Group Ltd which has an extensive catalogue of online products ranging from umbrellas, mugs, pens, lanyards, drinks bottles and many more.

Check out the 'what's hot' section for the latest ideas!. This can be found at the Promotions Only Group website

How can silicone wristbands help my promotion?

If you are looking to raise awareness for a cause or organise groups of people then silicone wristbands (sometimes referred to as rubber wristbands) make an ideal choice.

They are an inexpensive method for charities to raise funds and get that all important message out there.

Perhaps you have groups of people to organise (for example dietary requirements for children in schools or sports day events) or maybe you need to provide security entry for events or festivals.

How can Promotions Only Wristbands help me?

Based in the UK we have an in-depth knowledge of the market due to our vast experience. We can provide you with all the advice and guide you through each process seamlessly.

As we supply our silicone and fabric wristbands from several sources we will always provide you with the best options that exceed expectations in terms of consistent quality, competitive pricing and excellent lead times.

So what wristbands do I need?

You can choose from the following

  • Printed silicone wristbands - produce detailed custom designs
  • Debossed silicone wristbands - the design is 'cut' into the rubber wristband
  • Embossed silicone wristbands - the design is raised above the rubber wristband creating a 3D effect
  • Paper wristbands - a cheap and durable alternative for events
  • Plain wristbands - no branding or message but the material can still be coloured
  • Fabric wristbands - high impact wristbands providing users with a keepsake
  • Plastic and Vinyl wristbands - lightweight but strong

Can you get me my wristbands quickly?

Yes we can, printed or plain wristbands can be delivered next day if needed from our express service.

We hold stock of plain silicone wristbands that can be delivered next day if ordered by 3.00pm. We can supply both adult and child sizes in a range of colours.

What is a plain silicone wristband?

It simply means that the wristband is not printed, embossed or debossed with you own custom branding but the wristband is still coloured. In fact it is possible to to colour match your corporate colour if required.

What about the environment?

Promotions only Wristbands is conscious of the effect we have on the environment and ensure that the inks we use are environmentally friendly.

Silicone has a minimal effect on the environment and is an organic compound that is non-toxic to aquatic and organic life. It is also water and UV light resistant and is recyclable.

Are there any other promotional gifts besides wristbands that I can order from you?

Promotions Only Wristbands is part of Promotions Only Group Ltd which has an extensive catalogue of online products ranging from umbrellas, mugs, pens, lanyards, drinks bottles and many more.

Check out the 'what's hot' section for the latest ideas!. This can be found at the Promotions Only Group website

Promotions Only Outdoors are an online UK supplier of outdoor promotional gifts including umbrellas, sunglasses and drinks bottles.

If you are planning a promotional campaign whether corporate, charity or a particular event, our online catalogue will provide you with all ideas and products that you need.

As we use only the highest quality manufacturers at the most competitive prices or can be assured that your brand image is reflected in our products.

Our promotional gifts are an ideal way to increase brand awareness. Use our umbrellas for a golf day or outdoor event. Beanies, T-shirts and polo shirts can be used by staff working outdoors, promoting your business but also creates an effective identity for outdoor events such as charity events or festivals, due to unpredictable weather you may wish to consider our range of ponchos.

With the increasing popularity of cycling, walking or jogging we have a large range of water bottles, sunglasses and pedometers available which make the perfect corporate giveaways

Our outdoor range has been refined from our extensive catalogue of products which can be found at Promotions Only Group website and include wristbands, lanyards, mugs, pens and bags

Due to our personal commitment to the environment, we are constantly expanding our Eco Friendly range. We are working together with out suppliers to ensure that we provide environmental options for your requirements.

If you need something quickly then just give us a shout, many products are available stock or with quick delivery and we will help in any way we can.